The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 - Expect Action to Drama

The Season 8 is making the fans more thrilled with the scene that Daryl rammed his truck to the Sanctuary wall attracted the attention of all walkers. After Daryl is away from truck, he created an opening that the walkers could enter. Eugene is really angry witnessing his rescued survivors being killed one by one. At an instant Eugene doesn't  hesitate to run to Gabriel telling what he saw lately and ended up being furious mentioning about the death of his people. Eugene made a decision not to help Gabriel  and leave him in his bed.

Meanwhile Eugene's final conclusion is to continue finding and rescuing survivors. He approached Negan to invent a gadget plan in order to save everyone. Negan tells Eugene what to do with Rick but Eugene answer in a practical manner " I don't want to help those people doesn't want to follow my lead.


On the dramas and the twist of every scene, multiple confrontation in every main character is making the viewers think what will happen next. This so unpredictable, making the scene uncertain and leaving us wondering how things work on the upcoming episodes. Eugene moved forward to what he intended to do in order to survive and to save the remaining survivors. But he ended a small catch. He's having a little side track that he found something that is very useful for his journey. Confusing it is, the walking dead season 8 episode 7 really played some tricks leaving us speechless about Eugene leaving some useful characters behind. Eugene makes a decision not to include Dwight after what happen that Eugene bursts with emotion wanting to be alone for the meantime.

He's making an action not to involve everyone as expected when you try your part to save one but ended up as dead. We can never expect Eugene to act cool in front of his group. I think this part puts a lot of drama, from the action to drama, and to be honest I hate drama. I only enjoy action with zombie apocalypse  chasing people with a frightened face and leave everything hilarious. Eugene is making a big role to be a hero. He puts everything on his shoulder. When you think of it. He is not a hero or something but an ordinary person that only wants to survive. I love to watch this kind of movie series because things are unpredictable and I can't wait for the next episode.


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